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These guys have all your computering needs covered. #hackerbeach #gambia


Decided to go back to cold Brussels from Gambia next week, attending FOSDEM for the first time in 6 years or so. See you there?


Got a custom guitar bag made by a local tailor, thanks to help from our friend Abudai. Took 4 hours longer than expected, but the result is pretty great.


Arrived in Saloum delta today. #hackerbeach


The Road Movie is a feature film made entirely from Russian dashcam footage:


"The news industry needs to wake up and join the web":


Bigger blocks on BTC mainnet in action:


Should've started daily open-source updates two weeks ago, but wth.

Today I worked on a little learning bot that my mates @bumi, @slvrbckt and I have been using on and off to learn some Spanish in the past. I added subscription management for courses, as well as the first Wolof phrases.


Sad: GitLab doesn't seem to have RSS or Atom feeds for a repo's tags/releases page.


Current language status: have been refreshing my French quite well, and learning some Wolof every day. When in Sénégal...


Blockstream just launched Lightning Charge, a library making it easy for any developer to integrate Lightning payments in websites and stores. Naturally, they have a working Blockstream Store running as demo, where you can buy some shirts and stickers:


Tired: Promising a world without problems and no work required to keep it rolling smoothly.
Wired: Honest expectation management when evangelizing new ideas and technologies.


... The difference being that AppCache is an actual recommendation and widely supported. I'm not saying don't write PWAs using SW, but writing it *today* will almost certainly require changes before 2067. Also just because of other relevant features and browser security changes.


"If you rewrite that app as a PWA today it will work as intended 50 years from now."

LOL if you've been writing PWAs since Apple introduced AppCache in iOS. Google ripped out AppCache prematurely, and the SW spec isn't even finished yet.


So, what's the best OSS-based video sharing site for publishing a 2-minute 1080p thing? PeerTube looks amazing already, but there don't seem to be any sites with registration open atm.


TIL: "Macaroons: Cookies with Contextual Caveats for Decentralized Authorization in the Cloud" (used by e.g.)




Sénégal has some of the prettiest beaches that #hackerbeach has seen so far. (And still time to book a flight to Dakar and join us on the way down to Banjul in the Gambia.)


Phew, that was hard! Finally have a Huginn workflow for syndicating Mastodon favs and boosts back to my personal site, from where I post (using ).

Here's the scenario diagram: (blog post and Huginn gems coming soon).


OH: "Tigo wish you a very jolly journey!"