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Last checkpoint of #tourdefriends is posh af.


Epic descent on stage 3 of #tourdefriends yesterday. (With The best views being the ones we couldn't take pictures of). Weather turned from freezing-cold, apocalyptic rain storms to warm sunshine after the first half.


Checkpoint bike parking


Got lucky again with the weather on stage 2 of #tourdefriends today. Expecting rain showers at 10 degrees for most of the 190km tomorrow.


Coffee & Strudel stop #tourdefriends


According to Reuters, Barcelona had about 1M Catalans on the streets yesterday, demonstrating for independence:


Rode from Bolzano to Isera yesterday, with stupendous headwinds for the whole 90km.


In 6 days, I'll be sitting on my bicycle, going from Munich to Venice in 4 days, with ~400 other idiots. They call it Tour de Friends.




Apparently it's possible to kill tumors with alcohol injections:


Stumbled upon this nice overview of the current state of quantum computing:


Bye bye, Bavaria.


According to popular German newspaper Die Welt, 1984 is the favorite book of all rapists and terrorists. I'm speechless.


Hot af on the way up today


Time to abandon the road for a day, climbing mountains with the sis.


Just in case you missed it last week: the Bitcoin blockchain is now being sent to Earth from satellites, so you can build local payment infrastructure without having to pay for the many gigs of data per month, that are required to be downloaded these days for running a fully validating node:

Simply amazing.


Just got a serious bike fit. Feels like a tailor-made new bike now. Best upgrade ever.