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American Standard. Premium quality. #hackerbeach #gambia


These guys have all your computering needs covered. #hackerbeach #gambia


Arrived in Saloum delta today. #hackerbeach


Should've started daily open-source updates two weeks ago, but wth.

Today I worked on a little learning bot that my mates @bumi, @slvrbckt and I have been using on and off to learn some Spanish in the past. I added subscription management for courses, as well as the first Wolof phrases.


Current language status: have been refreshing my French quite well, and learning some Wolof every day. When in Sénégal...




Sénégal has some of the prettiest beaches that #hackerbeach has seen so far. (And still time to book a flight to Dakar and join us on the way down to Banjul in the Gambia.)


OH: "Tigo wish you a very jolly journey!"


Mad respect to this cyclist on the streets of central Dakar! The smog and dust are hard to bear, even inside a car, and the sun is burning without mercy. Rock on, mon ami! #cycling #hackerbeach


Breakfast time. #hackerbeach


Good morning, Gorée! #hackerbeach


Hanging out at in Potsdam today. Ping me if you want to chat about RemoteStorage, offline-first web apps, or @hackerbeach.


3-colored crater lakes on the Mt. Kelimutu volcano


Seems legit.



Shipyard in a remote village #hackerbeach



Sunset in paradise (at #hackerbeach in Labuan Bajo)


This is what 7.5 million IDR in 100K notes look like.


#hackerbeach office