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Uncle thinks this is where the bike belongs at night. I agree.



Apparently a snake bite ripped my rear tire yesterday. Only noticed it today. Must have happened while bouncing down that jeep trail in the forest. ๐Ÿ™„


My current touring setup


The medieval town of Büdingen is a pretty nice place for a coffee stop.


Bug-infested house


"Delicious" Food

There's a law in some parts of the US, which requires bars and taprooms to also offer a food menu with at least 5 different meals. This is how Chuck's Hop Shop solved it.



Taking care of the balcony bees


Just a bunch of geese in the middle of the city at


Looks like Grand Départ, alright. No bikes left to rent in all of DUS:


A church on Capitol Hill in Seattle, flying rainbow colors for pride month #latergram


Shitty wifi and $12 beers aside, the new video installations at LAX are actually fantastic.


Shoutout to The Big Legrowlski for going 110% on the Lebowski theme.


Epic view of Mount St. Helens sticking out of the clouds today



IndieWeb Summit is about to start.


Looks like Bower is on its last leg:


Modded espresso machine with temperature control



We set out to go camping, but ended up sleeping in a yurt. Now I'm thinking about getting one, because these are fantastic.