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Lunch time in Siena.


Hanging out in a James Bond villain lair.


This week, I've been living directly on the coast, close to this beautiful lighthouse (in Kommetje).


My new favorite coffee stop on the peninsula: The Scone Shack & Nursery on the Lalaphanzi farm (between Scarborough and Cape Point). Only opened 2 weeks ago. The food was amazing, with all fresh ingredients straight from their own garden. And the owners are very kind and welcoming.


Beware of baboons and golfers. The Cape peninsula in a nutshell?


Couldnt resist my daily visitor's cuteness, so I gifted it a giant ball of fructose.


The hiking trail up to Lions Head is not only wildly popular, but it also ends in straight-up climbing and ladders and all. But then you arrive, and people are having picnics and parties. Fun experience.


Best timing ever: They literally finished up paving this entire coastal road today, and I also ran into a dude from Vienna within the first 200m, so we spontaneously teamed up for a perfect easy ride.


Had some fun watching the UCI mountain bike xco world cup yesterday, as it was happening around the corner.


The morning workout route in Stellenbosch. #cycling


Can never have enough stickers on the laptop, so I got me some #lightningnetwork ones.


Sunset ride to Llandudno Bay was great for the views and shite for the traffic.


In related news: Hungarian grammar is more complex than Latin.


TFW when it's too windy outside, so the apartment is flooded with pretty flowers.


Rode down to cape point. Panoramic views all the way.


Did a lunch ride to Houts Bay today. So much beauty and awe in that half hour each way.


New favorite road sign.


Did my first ride around the cape, and it turns out I'm in cycling heaven! Not just the stunning landscapes and ocean vistas, but fantastic coffee stops as well. The wind can be pretty tough in some places though.


Preparing for the scariest airplane bike transport ever. The Internet told me it's fine.


Looks like these guys drove their transporter from Berlin all the way to the Gambia. Respect, amigos!