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Uhm, GitHub just started signing merge commits created from the Web UI?!


"General Motors’ SURUS is a universal truck platform that has autonomous capabilities and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells."


Just leaving this here. Do with it what you want.


In case you’re looking for the least accessible train entrance in Europe, I think I found some promising candidates here.


Keeping in line with the rest of Budapest’s grand buildings, the central market hall is both huge and majestic. Well worth a visit both for sightseeing and grocery shopping.


Tour de Friends was nothing short of epic. Thanks to Rad Race, all the fantastic people we rode with, and our local hosts along the way!


Rode through the laguna, found some strade bianci.


Last checkpoint of #tourdefriends is posh af.


Epic descent on stage 3 of #tourdefriends yesterday. (With The best views being the ones we couldn't take pictures of). Weather turned from freezing-cold, apocalyptic rain storms to warm sunshine after the first half.


Checkpoint bike parking


Got lucky again with the weather on stage 2 of #tourdefriends today. Expecting rain showers at 10 degrees for most of the 190km tomorrow.


Coffee & Strudel stop #tourdefriends


Rode from Bolzano to Isera yesterday, with stupendous headwinds for the whole 90km.




Bye bye, Bavaria.


According to popular German newspaper Die Welt, 1984 is the favorite book of all rapists and terrorists. I'm speechless.


Hot af on the way up today


Time to abandon the road for a day, climbing mountains with the sis.


8-year old hayflower cheese. Apparently this keeps for about a year at room temperature when wrapped up in a cloth, because there's virtually no water left in it. Tastes like heaven if you're into old cheese.