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In related news: Hungarian grammar is more complex than Latin.


TFW when it's too windy outside, so the apartment is flooded with pretty flowers.


Rode down to cape point. Panoramic views all the way.


Did a lunch ride to Houts Bay today. So much beauty and awe in that half hour each way.


New favorite road sign.


Did my first ride around the cape, and it turns out I'm in cycling heaven! Not just the stunning landscapes and ocean vistas, but fantastic coffee stops as well. The wind can be pretty tough in some places though.


Preparing for the scariest airplane bike transport ever. The Internet told me it's fine.


Looks like these guys drove their transporter from Berlin all the way to the Gambia. Respect, amigos!


American Standard. Premium quality. #hackerbeach #gambia


These guys have all your computering needs covered. #hackerbeach #gambia


Got a custom guitar bag made by a local tailor, thanks to help from our friend Abudai. Took 4 hours longer than expected, but the result is pretty great.


Arrived in Saloum delta today. #hackerbeach




Sénégal has some of the prettiest beaches that #hackerbeach has seen so far. (And still time to book a flight to Dakar and join us on the way down to Banjul in the Gambia.)


Mad respect to this cyclist on the streets of central Dakar! The smog and dust are hard to bear, even inside a car, and the sun is burning without mercy. Rock on, mon ami! #cycling #hackerbeach


Breakfast time. #hackerbeach


Good morning, Gorée! #hackerbeach


Started the year off with a little hike.


This box at #34C3 has a button that sends Bitcoin micropayments over a Lightning Network. ⚡


Preparing the Christmas fondue. Delicious Christmas, everyone!