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Did a short afternoon ride today. Found the desert landscape before sunset to be quite beautiful. The headwinds on the way back were absolutely brutal however. #cycling



Was a bit cold and wet on Gran Canaria, so I hopped on a plane and traded its green mountains for dunes and volcanic desert on Fuerteventura.


Cycling on Gran Canaria is just amazing. Breathtaking views pretty much all the way up and down the mountains.



So, what's the best framework for generating API docs from code comments in JavaScript projects these days?


I apologize to everyone behind me in the security line at . Couldn't anticipate that @gregkare's beard would turn an iPad into a b***.


Back in the Berlin/Germany, where good coffee shops don't have wifi, prepaid mobile Internet is not 4G, and nobody can leave due to strikes.


Flight got cancelled, waiting line computer just says ETOOMANYPEOPLE and hangs up, not even putting you in a queue.


Baking some shoes.


The message of the Vault 7 source sounds pretty much exactly like the Zero Days one. I'd guess it's the same person.


The first time we paid one, it took over a week to even get it sent. We're talking less than €2000, which shouldn't even trigger AML rules.


Paying freelancer invoices to Egypt from Europe is insane. Just got a return for a salary paid Feb 16, and no notice on either side. 1/2


Found a legit cycling café in Kuala Lumpur: The Grumpy Cyclist in KDDI. Delicious coffee roasts, and they even integrated a bicycle repair shop.


Syncing Ethereum blockchain after less than 2 weeks of not using Mist, thinking to myself:


The brandnew Kuala Lumpur MRT is not just driverless, it has an open cockpit in the passenger area. Self-service emergency controls or feel-like-a-conductor theme park elements?


Another Passengers story fun fact: the reason the engineer can't put himself back into stasis, is that the tech is proprietary.


One interesting story aspect of Passengers is that space colonies are private enterprises, financing humanity's expansion in the universe.


I found Passengers to be a gorgeous, surprisingly realistic, well-written sci-fi film. About human nature, as the best of them are.


So far, the only companies having asked me to update my credentials in light of Cloudbleed, are all Bitcoin services. Thanks, Mt. Gox!