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Obligatory KL skyline shot


Obligatory KL skyline shot


My office for the last week. Off to KUL tomorrow night.


Indian chief in my cappuccino, because Ubud baristas have some kind of continuous who-can-draw-best-on-foam contest going on.


That new GitHub topbar color is distracting me pretty hard this morning.


Building a blockchain for science research, opening up and automating data collection for confirming hypotheses:


Dog listening to Bitcoin meetup conversations. Woof woof central banks.


Fresh ginger beer FTW


Homemade petrol station


Riding the bike with the gang


3-colored crater lakes on the Mt. Kelimutu volcano


Monkey mommy


Rockfall too large? Just leave it on the road and make it a landmark.


Seems legit.



Shipyard in a remote village #hackerbeach