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Current language status: have been refreshing my French quite well, and learning some Wolof every day. When in Sénégal...


Blockstream just launched Lightning Charge, a library making it easy for any developer to integrate Lightning payments in websites and stores. Naturally, they have a working Blockstream Store running as demo, where you can buy some shirts and stickers:


Tired: Promising a world without problems and no work required to keep it rolling smoothly.
Wired: Honest expectation management when evangelizing new ideas and technologies.


... The difference being that AppCache is an actual recommendation and widely supported. I'm not saying don't write PWAs using SW, but writing it *today* will almost certainly require changes before 2067. Also just because of other relevant features and browser security changes.


"If you rewrite that app as a PWA today it will work as intended 50 years from now."

LOL if you've been writing PWAs since Apple introduced AppCache in iOS. Google ripped out AppCache prematurely, and the SW spec isn't even finished yet.


So, what's the best OSS-based video sharing site for publishing a 2-minute 1080p thing? PeerTube looks amazing already, but there don't seem to be any sites with registration open atm.


TIL: "Macaroons: Cookies with Contextual Caveats for Decentralized Authorization in the Cloud" (used by e.g.)




Sénégal has some of the prettiest beaches that #hackerbeach has seen so far. (And still time to book a flight to Dakar and join us on the way down to Banjul in the Gambia.)


Phew, that was hard! Finally have a Huginn workflow for syndicating Mastodon favs and boosts back to my personal site, from where I post (using ).

Here's the scenario diagram: (blog post and Huginn gems coming soon).


OH: "Tigo wish you a very jolly journey!"


Found my first actual issue with CSS Grid: you can't use transition animations on grid column widths. Or maybe I missed something?


Mad respect to this cyclist on the streets of central Dakar! The smog and dust are hard to bear, even inside a car, and the sun is burning without mercy. Rock on, mon ami! #cycling #hackerbeach


Breakfast time. #hackerbeach


Please disregard my earlier post about Visa for now. Turns out all those bitcoin companies giving out debit cards were using the same issuer, and that company was not complying with Visa security rules.


Imagine a world where you could fix typos in status posts.


Visa is cracking down on all debit card issuers who allow topups via BTC. The incumbents' war against our decentralized, open-source financial system has officially begun.


Lenovo still not introducing proper hi-res displays in their new x280s is rather sad. Anyone has experiences with Linux on the Huawei Matebook X?


Good morning, Gorée! #hackerbeach


Started the year off with a little hike.