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The router at is not giving out IPs anymore, so my laptop is camp-legal now I guess.


Preparing bike and panniers to go to Offline Camp from Berlin. Strava route is an easy 52km. But clouds look kinda scary and it's cold AF.


I found Vivino's review scores to be of questionable quality in the past, but this augmented wine-list feature is off the chain:


Random thought: what if Mastodon/OStatus instances would (optionally) be IPFS nodes, storing all their assets in IPFS and having other instances sync and re-distribute them? What if instance admins paying for AWS or similar could be replaced by community-financed, instance-specific pinning nodes, which retain all content that wasn't accessed recently?


Someone made an RSS-to-Mastodon service/program:


If you haven't used Firefox in a couple of years, let me tell you: it has come a loooong way. It's slick, fast, full-featured, puts users and privacy first, and the dev tools are great. Short of the DRM drama (in which Google as an active supporter is much more at fault than Mozilla giving in to pressure imo), there should be no reason you couldn't use it as your default Web browser right now.


If your default browser is made by an advertising company, you should expect your data being used for ads and tracking by design (no matter what extensions or options you configure).

If you absolutely have to use Chrome, you can still choose Chromium as a less privacy-invasive alternative, but I think it won't solve the QUIC issue.


I had totally missed the new, cloud-free Mapbox satellite images in GNOME Maps, and they're amazing:


Springtime in Bavaria


Springtime in Bavaria



We'll have a mainnet staging environment for Lightning networks and L/BTC-based smart contract sidechains. Can't wait to test the first implementations with actual value tokens.


I find the fact that Litecoin is activating SegWit soon much more relevant for our future than who becomes the next ruler of $nationState.


Going back from the fediverse to Twitter gets worse every day. Littered with ads and a single corp owns the whole medium. Just feels wrong.


In case it helps anyone: I was able to update my ancient ejabberd on Ubuntu using the repo at Thank you, whoever is running that!


Is ejabberd the single most oudated package on Ubuntu? And there's no PPA whatsoever?


Took the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for a spin, and I'm pretty impressed. The turn-by-turn navigation and Strava route sync are fantastic.


For people stuck on a certain corporation's ad-based service, here's the reply to my Autocrypt question:


My uncle is still using his iPhone. Without the version number, just the original iPhone. But please, tell me again how you're are all anti-capitalist and anti-consumerism!