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According to Reuters, Barcelona had about 1M Catalans on the streets yesterday, demonstrating for independence:


In 6 days, I'll be sitting on my bicycle, going from Munich to Venice in 4 days, with ~400 other idiots. They call it Tour de Friends.


Apparently it's possible to kill tumors with alcohol injections:


Stumbled upon this nice overview of the current state of quantum computing:


Just in case you missed it last week: the Bitcoin blockchain is now being sent to Earth from satellites, so you can build local payment infrastructure without having to pay for the many gigs of data per month, that are required to be downloaded these days for running a fully validating node:

Simply amazing.


Just got a serious bike fit. Feels like a tailor-made new bike now. Best upgrade ever.


So Google assembled a Core Hip Hop Team in order to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip hop:


Shoutout to The Workstation in Arnhem for their great coworking space and café, and accepting BTC for payment.


Any other admins or users of Mastodon, GNU Social, postActiv or other Fediverse software at interested in meeting up during camp?


Tried to stop funding a project on Patreon. Couldn't find out how to do it. Am I blind?


Today in Enjoying-Mastodon-more-than-Twitter news: our instance has web push notifications now:


"We must be able to measure blockchain decentralization before we can improve it":


Let's work on making our UX, APIs and ecosystem so good, that developers have *fun* working with it, and the next wave of incoming users will actually stay for good.


... Mostly, because every time I go back to birdsite for reading now, I'm rather offended by both the timeline sorting and all the ads. I just find it disgusting to have an advertising company control one of my personal communication mediums. And not because it's better, but because of the extreme potency of network effects in social media.


I'm a bit disappointed in all the good people who started posting on the Fediverse, but went back to posting to birdsite only for no apparent reason.


Feel free to explain to me how "moderate rebels" torturing infidels is better than concerts and swimming pools.


Finally almost on the road again. Tomorrow's next leg of my Germanland cycling tour:


If I told you my entire current airberlin episode, it would take ~20 posts. Going to a different city now, hoping to even arrive tonight.