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Let's work on making our UX, APIs and ecosystem so good, that developers have *fun* working with it, and the next wave of incoming users will actually stay for good.


... Mostly, because every time I go back to birdsite for reading now, I'm rather offended by both the timeline sorting and all the ads. I just find it disgusting to have an advertising company control one of my personal communication mediums. And not because it's better, but because of the extreme potency of network effects in social media.


I'm a bit disappointed in all the good people who started posting on the Fediverse, but went back to posting to birdsite only for no apparent reason.


Feel free to explain to me how "moderate rebels" torturing infidels is better than concerts and swimming pools.


Finally almost on the road again. Tomorrow's next leg of my Germanland cycling tour:


If I told you my entire current airberlin episode, it would take ~20 posts. Going to a different city now, hoping to even arrive tonight.


Great explanation of how SegWit changes block size:


My @nextbike experience this morning: 2 bikes on the map, leading me in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. Both didn't exist.


Why I love DuckDuckGo, example 142: search for "json validator".


Grand Départ tip: Graf-Adolf-Platz (South side of the track) has good coffee, steak sandwiches, Belgian beer, and a live coverage screen.


Finally checked out all the built-in Huginn agents, and it completely blew my mind. Infinite possibilities!


Anyone I know visiting the Tour de France start in DUS this weekend? I'll be in town Friday night to Sunday afternoon...


When people around you try to do XSS on the karaoke web app in the booth, it's probably an after party of a geek event.


Working on syncing Strava rides to one's website at the summit hack day. Just set up Huginn, so I can sync anything eventually.


Wow, httparty seriously still prints that stupid message on every install? That stopped being funny in like 2010.


Finally changed the background and colors on my personal site, and added a link to my Fediverse account. Airy blue ok?


Apparently it's possible to use Vim for 25 years straight, without going to that donation page. So the person who told me and I finally sent some coins. 😇


As usual, Ben Thompson has one of the most interesting and well-thought-out points of view to offer regarding the Amazon/Whole Foods deal:


As a Cologne native, having made my way through maybe half of the massive variety of Kölsch brews that Oregon has to offer, I'm sorry to inform my fellow Kölners that the best Kölsch is not being brewed in Cologne these days.

Having also lived in Bavaria, I must add that best Helles is a close one, in favor of Bavaria imo, but some brews over here are kicking Augustiner's ass to the moon. However, Hefeweizen is not even close. Which is why most of it is being imported here, understandably.