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Lunch time in Siena.


See you at toorcamp!


Fun facts from our current provider evaluation at 5apps: Digital Ocean Spaces doesn't scale at all for our use case. Outright breaks sometimes, and responds with rate limiting errors at other times, when you hit it with not that many requests. With the same overnight test runs (backing up and restoring remoteStorage accounts using rs-backup), Exoscale Object Storage didn't even blink, and delivered rock-solid performance so far.


Anyone here used Exoscale's cloud in production for a while and want to share their experience in two words?


Learning some Italian today, by listening to Paris-Roubaix commentary on the geo-restricted local version of the Eurosport stream.


If you also happen to write Ember.js apps in Vim, I just stumbled upon this gem of a plugin:


Crypto anarchy in a nutshell:

"Technology doesn’t change what people want in the world, it just removes the use of violence to get there."
"We can either rail against the inevitable, or use these tools to build the world we want."


Turns out the operating system running on the new Nokia 8110 4G phones is a fork of FirefoxOS:

It also turns out that the company behind it appears to already be in violation of B2G's license (MPL) by currently not providing the source code.


If you'd like to see location tagging in Mastodon (e.g. I'd love to have it for my photo posts), plz give this issue a thumbs-up:


Hanging out in a James Bond villain lair.


This is why I love Arch Linux:

Feb 23: IBM releases a great new open-source font called Plex.
Feb 26:


Same procedure as every year:


Anyone knows if it's possible to hide or change the "owner" etc. labels shown next to users' names in GitHub comment headers? I think it sends the wrong message when an org owner is shown as repo owner of a repo that is actually owned/managed by a community member.


This week, I've been living directly on the coast, close to this beautiful lighthouse (in Kommetje).


Kind of in the mood for using floppy diskettes now.


Hey Mozilla, how about you switch your employees' email, calendars, chats, and whatever else from Google and other proprietary, privacy-invading services to self-hosted OSS products first, and *then* send me emails asking me to sign some anti-Facebook petition?


My new favorite coffee stop on the peninsula: The Scone Shack & Nursery on the Lalaphanzi farm (between Scarborough and Cape Point). Only opened 2 weeks ago. The food was amazing, with all fresh ingredients straight from their own garden. And the owners are very kind and welcoming.


It boggles my mind that so many blockchain/DLT advocates publish blog posts on Medium and use Twitter over Mastodon. You can always do both, but why not do decentralized Web first and sync to central silos second?