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Germans are currently paying 8 billion EUR/year in compulsory public broadcasting fees. Billion with a B.


Hanging out at in Potsdam today. Ping me if you want to chat about RemoteStorage, offline-first web apps, or @hackerbeach.


Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S8 by iris-scanning a low-quality photo printed on paper:


Started using Mastodon/The Fediverse™ on April 6. Less than two months later, Twitter feels like a cheap, ad-ridden cable TV channel.


Played around with Mycroft this weekend. Unfortunately, its skill set leaves a lot to be desired for me, and responses are awfully slow. But seems like a good basis. And hey, it's all open source, so nothing to complain about really.


You can watch National Bird, a documentary about the US drone murder program, in German cinemas this week:


Probably the perfect lesson for kids who bought digital pets that can only survive on DRM-protected food:


When I read about Erlang once in a while, I always end up being reminded of this vid, then go watch it and laugh my ass off every single time:


I have a ton of airberlin miles to spend, but it appears upgrading to business class is only possible for like 2 seats per route per month. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Found a legit Isaan Thai restaurant in Berlin. Their menu comes with this disclaimer:


Stumbled upon this quick rundown of Kotlin syntax and features. If I were to code for the JVM, I'd likely use this:


My Saturday so far: writing codes, brewing coffees, taping handlebars.


The Dutch gave Mario Draghi a proper and well-deserved grilling, including some banger comments and gifting him a tulip to sum up their feelings about printing 2.5 trillion EUR out of nothing. Too bad this will likely never end up in German and French public media:


"Obama Takes Private Jet, 14-Car Convoy To His $3.2MM Climate Change Speech":


Yes: Finally a proper excuse for my yearly Portland visit.


1:11 hrs until SegWit activates:


I just arrived at the re:publica party. Ping me if you wanna hang out.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but any feedback, ideas, proposals are always appreciated, e.g. on ! Would love to discuss how to integrate the two better.