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In related news: Hungarian grammar is more complex than Latin.


I just accidentally learned that "ember" is Hungarian for "human". I'm not sure that was a consideration when they renamed Amber.js to Ember.js in the very beginning, but it's certainly a fitting name.


Also TIL: Roscosmos delivered a pizza to the ISS once. And Russian kosmonauts used to pack heat on their space missions, so they could defend against wild animals in Siberia when they came back.


TIL: An Apollo 14 astronaut smuggled a makeshift golf club head to the Moon, mounted it on a sample-taking instrument and shot some balls up there.


TFW when it's too windy outside, so the apartment is flooded with pretty flowers.


Hey Microsoft: renaming Windows Hosted Apps to PWAs doesn't magically make them so. Having to use a proprietary tool to package the app in a proprietary format is the antithesis of open Web standards.


"I'm not sure how many people commute at 40 kph." "Depends on the traffic really."


Rode down to cape point. Panoramic views all the way.


I'll just leave this here for you:


Did a lunch ride to Houts Bay today. So much beauty and awe in that half hour each way.


New favorite road sign.


Did my first ride around the cape, and it turns out I'm in cycling heaven! Not just the stunning landscapes and ocean vistas, but fantastic coffee stops as well. The wind can be pretty tough in some places though.


Preparing for the scariest airplane bike transport ever. The Internet told me it's fine.


Only two hours until Falcon Heavy launch:


You think cryptos are crashing hard, because the bitcoin bubble is bursting? Perhaps consider the bloodbath in international stock markets over the last days, losing $4 trillion in about a week:


Wow, beer prices at Delirium are basically NYC level now.


Not sure if some joker at TUIfly is playing a prank or not:

"You are expected at the check-in desk 120 minutes before departure at the latest (180 minutes for long distance flights). You should take into account the fact that your booking may be cancelled and you may be refused access to the aeroplane, without reimbursement of the price of your flight, if you fail to check in on time."


Looks like these guys drove their transporter from Berlin all the way to the Gambia. Respect, amigos!


Spontaneous new plans for Friday to Thursday will be fun, aside from spending slightly too many hours in steel tubes: Banjul -> Brussels (FOSDEM) -> Berlin -> Cape Town. Ping me, if you're in one of those and want to meet!


American Standard. Premium quality. #hackerbeach #gambia