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Fun facts from our current provider evaluation at 5apps: Digital Ocean Spaces doesn't scale at all for our use case. Outright breaks sometimes, and responds with rate limiting errors at other times, when you hit it with not that many requests. With the same overnight test runs (backing up and restoring remoteStorage accounts using rs-backup), Exoscale Object Storage didn't even blink, and delivered rock-solid performance so far.


Would anyone find it terribly weird for remoteStorage to allow "If-None-Match" headers on PUTs, and returning 304 Not Modified in case the document already exists with that ETag? HTTP specs only mention it for GET and HEAD requests.


Already made lots of improvements to RS Inspector since I announced it recently. You can follow the releases and changes on GitLab:


Hanging out at in Potsdam today. Ping me if you want to chat about RemoteStorage, offline-first web apps, or @hackerbeach.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but any feedback, ideas, proposals are always appreciated, e.g. on ! Would love to discuss how to integrate the two better.


9 years later, I'm blogging again

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I started my first blog in 2005, only to suspend it in 2008. However, my urge to break the character and formatting limits of Twitter, Mastodon, and short-form status posts in general, has been growing for years now.

So I think it's finally time to blog again. No 10-page thinkpieces, but slightly longer-form thoughts and ideas, plus maybe the occasional essay.

Topics will mostly be decentralized (pardon the Zs) and federated Web and communication technologies. Personally, I'm working on remoteStorage and Kosmos, so expect me to write about those more than about others. Also, I'm concerned both professionally and personally with the Web Platform in general, and installable, offline-capable apps in particular.

Regarding comments: this is my personal IndieWeb-enabled website (running on Known), so if you'd like to reply in long form as well, you can send Webmentions to my post URLs. I'm also syncing comments from Twitter and Facebook back to my site, so if you reply there, it will also be seen here.

So, let's see how this experiment goes!

Update: The RSS feed for just the blog posts (minus status posts and all other content) is located here.


@rektide I wrote a friendly comment on his original blog post asking for something like RS a couple years back. I explained how remoteStorage fits all the requirements he put in the post. Unfortunately he flagged my comment as spam without responding. I then wrote a second comment explaining that it wasn't spam, pointing him to more resources about it, and asking for feedback in case it was irrelevant or missing something he needed. Also flagged as spam and deleted without comment.

Best thing is, when I just wanted to look up the original tweet, I noticed that my Twitter account is even blocked by him. I used that account for my comments via Disqus on the post.

Very sad. I hope other people get through, because it would be very valuable feedback for the RS core team, and remoteStorage.js will actually launch Dropbox and Google Drive support in addition to remoteStorage accounts this or next month.


I hacked up a quick backup/restore tool for @remoteStorage_ during the weekend. Let me know if it works for you:

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