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What's the best jurisdiction, in your opinion, for hosting physical servers in regards to and ?


Added a privacy policy to one of my apps. There wasn't much to write:


Hey Mozilla, how about you switch your employees' email, calendars, chats, and whatever else from Google and other proprietary, privacy-invading services to self-hosted OSS products first, and *then* send me emails asking me to sign some anti-Facebook petition?


GitHub wants you to: "Write to EU policymakers [...] and ask them to exclude “software repositories” from Article 13."

How about protesting all upload filters, period? You don't care about freedom and privacy, you only care about your bottom line here.


Flattr just told me to read a blog post from June, about how they protect your privacy, but they can't explain how:


So, Flattr now basically does what Brave/BAT does, but without the privacy and with much higher fees. Did I miss something?


If you haven't used Firefox in a couple of years, let me tell you: it has come a loooong way. It's slick, fast, full-featured, puts users and privacy first, and the dev tools are great. Short of the DRM drama (in which Google as an active supporter is much more at fault than Mozilla giving in to pressure imo), there should be no reason you couldn't use it as your default Web browser right now.


If your default browser is made by an advertising company, you should expect your data being used for ads and tracking by design (no matter what extensions or options you configure).

If you absolutely have to use Chrome, you can still choose Chromium as a less privacy-invasive alternative, but I think it won't solve the QUIC issue.


At the cost of privacy, sovereignty, ownership and resilience:


Best journalism taxes can buy: "whoever sits on their data or hides behind privacy laws is complicit [in terror]".


Let's help the strongest privacy tool in the world become more sustainable:


Privacy Policy

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I might store a cookie in your browser. I'll try to make it a fresh Coconut cookie. No personal data is logged or stored, but your likes and comments from other sites might appear on this one, too.

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