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A personal update on Hacker Beach #7

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After finally having booked my incoming flight for Hacker Beach #7, which is going to take place on the Phillippines in January, I'm getting genuinely excited about it.

Aside from every single one of the past 6 editions having been amazing in their own way, I'm mostly looking forward to clearing my schedule of for-profit work, and yet again spending most of January on developing and contributing to free and open-source software.

The things I'll be hacking on will include many pieces of software from both the remoteStorage ecosystem as well as the wider Kosmos project. But I'm also planning to spend some time on improving my IndieWeb setup, and experimenting more with Lightning Network.

I'm also looking forward, as always, to doing these things together with old and new friends, and exchanging knowledge and experience, while escaping the cold Northern winter together. Just for one example, I think I would've never switched to Linux a few years ago, and learned so much about it since then, without the privilege of having had bkero explain to me a thousand things in the past.

So, in the spirit of p2p learning, I'm hereby offering free mentorship for anyone wanting to get involved with contributing to the projects (or wider areas of software) that I mentioned above!

For outdoor activities, while others might be more excited about the excellent diving around Coron, personally, I'm more keen on the mountain-biking. In fact, I'm planning to bring a bike this year, including bike packing bags, so I'll be able to explore not just Busuanga island, but potentially more of the Phillippines, on two wheels before and/or after Hacker Beach.


If you're interested in joining us this coming January, and you haven't had the pleasure to catch a Hacker Beach in the past: you can get in touch with people in on Freenode IRC, and you can also follow and talk to us on the fediverse (Mastodon, GNUSocial, Pleroma, etc.), and if need be on Twitter.


Phew, that was hard! Finally have a Huginn workflow for syndicating Mastodon favs and boosts back to my personal site, from where I post (using ).

Here's the scenario diagram: (blog post and Huginn gems coming soon).


When people around you try to do XSS on the karaoke web app in the booth, it's probably an after party of a geek event.


Working on syncing Strava rides to one's website at the summit hack day. Just set up Huginn, so I can sync anything eventually.


Thanks to, this toot was posted automatically from my Known website. Or as the cool kids like to say: I'm now POSSEing my toots.


IndieWebCamp is coming to Berlin, Nov. 5-6:


.@lanyrd is still in read-only mode, so basically dead. What to use next? Maybe sth more like until blockchain (d)apps are viable?


I'm back on Instagram: And thanks to Known and everything's synced to this time.


Woke up to more win: can backfeed comments and favs from Twitter now:


Set up Flickr POSSE for my Known and it works like a charm, too. So far I'm syndicating to: Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr.


Finally set up FB syndication on and it works like a charm. Thanks, @withknown and!

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍