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Mayday festival in Kreuzberg is happening outside my office, and I'm sitting here fixing Electron builds for an app created at .


Does anyone know what office I can talk to, if we want to give a non-EU citizen a student job for a semester in Berlin?


When your office manager is cheaping out on dishwasher detergent:


It's not easy to leave a place, when this has been your office for 6 weeks:


Breaking news: the elevator in our office building has a Tumblr now.


Second @5apps retreat this year is all booked. From Saturday on, we're hacking at the Surf Office:


Having a @KosmosHQ hack day at the office. Skipping craft beer festival in favor of fixing IRC for all of us.


There's a new paleo restaurant around the corner from our Berlin office, and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. \o/

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