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One of my favorite things about cycling on Sicily is that, more often than not, you see the sea at some point. Inevitably so when climbing.


Tirol has some amazingly beautiful gravel routes to offer. And lots of new cycling infrastructure around it, like e.g. tunnels to cross main roads, so you hardly ever have to deal with cars at all.


Turns out that good cycling fitness doesn't translate at all to running. Just wanted to get my heart pumping a bit, and now some of my thigh muscles are close to being non-functional, after not even 5km of slow jogging:


Wait, WHAT? There's a pro Deutschland Tour again, and I didn't even know about it?


If anyone in Berlin is interested in cycling the entire Berliner Mauerweg (~150km) this Sunday, you're welcome to join us! Easy pace. Heading out from Brewdog at 8am:


The grand tour cycling season is upon us, and this time we get to see a ton of sensor data for the first time ever. offers live data on their site, and here's the summary for today's first Giro d'Italia stage:



Just realized that the UCI mountain bike (xco) world cup is happening around me in Stellenbosch this weekend. Already saw a national champ wizz past the coffee shop, and a BMC team van just pulled out of a parking lot on the other side.


Current Gran Canaria cycling status: doing a group ride up to the mountains early in the morning tomorrow, but I'm the sucker who has to add 17km with 250m elevation both before and after the actual ride to even get to the meeting point and home. I call it extra homework.


Just got a serious bike fit. Feels like a tailor-made new bike now. Best upgrade ever.


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