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8-year old hayflower cheese. Apparently this keeps for about a year at room temperature when wrapped up in a cloth, because there's virtually no water left in it. Tastes like heaven if you're into old cheese.




So Google assembled a Core Hip Hop Team in order to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip hop:


Volunteered for a shift at the free-pizza tent. My Argentinian mate came up with some designs.


Pouring beer from a rack at Milliways. Thank you to whoever brewed these delicious ales!



Shoutout to The Workstation in Arnhem for their great coworking space and café, and accepting BTC for payment.


Bavarian village and beer garden at SHA2017 is legit.


Any other admins or users of Mastodon, GNU Social, postActiv or other Fediverse software at interested in meeting up during camp?


Good luck deciding which talks to attend at #sha2017. Might just roll dice.


Paying with Bitcoin at the Spar supermarket in Arnhem (a.k.a. Bitcoin City).


My man bkero devouring a pork knuckle at a Kölner Brauhaus.


Tried to stop funding a project on Patreon. Couldn't find out how to do it. Am I blind?


Today in Enjoying-Mastodon-more-than-Twitter news: our instance has web push notifications now:


"We must be able to measure blockchain decentralization before we can improve it":


Uncle thinks this is where the bike belongs at night. I agree.



Apparently a snake bite ripped my rear tire yesterday. Only noticed it today. Must have happened while bouncing down that jeep trail in the forest. 🙄


My current touring setup


Let's work on making our UX, APIs and ecosystem so good, that developers have *fun* working with it, and the next wave of incoming users will actually stay for good.


... Mostly, because every time I go back to birdsite for reading now, I'm rather offended by both the timeline sorting and all the ads. I just find it disgusting to have an advertising company control one of my personal communication mediums. And not because it's better, but because of the extreme potency of network effects in social media.