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There probably aren't that many of you, who both remember Dopplr as well as know about ActivityPub, but: could this be a perfect fit? I was thinking about implementations for a decentralized nomad/travel app for quite a while (i.e. see where in the world your friends are and get notified of correlations in your travel plans). Was going to use public RS profile documents, but AP would likely scale better.




Where are all the pro-GDPR EU shills now, when you have only 8 days left to stop the EU from introducing the worst Internet copyright (nay, censorship) laws in the history of the Internet?


Here's Ry, the original author of node.js, explaining all the things he regrets about its development (and which map almost exactly to all of my personal gripes with it):


GitLab are behaving like bad open-source community members. Without freely available open-source software, they wouldn't have been able to create GitLab, turn it into what it is today, and make money from it. And they still need external OSS for that. Giving back to the open-source community should not be dependent on if a person can put food on the table while working on it. The deciding factor should be: non-profit organization or not.


Open-source projects can have GitLab for free, but only if they're unsustainable. Rule: "Your project should not have paid support or pay contributors" (regardless of the fact that it's non-commercial/non-profit).


Anyone here pitching a tent at toorcamp?


Promising: there are currently 72 open PRs for Gitea, incl. one for code reviews, which is already marked for the 1.5 version milestone:


Gitea seems nice and can already do a lot, but living without code review features is not going to work for any project I'm involved it.


Why on Earth are both Gogs and Gitea being developed on GitHub?!


No way in hell will they ever implement real federation for CE. Look at this sh**:


Here's a list of pretty basic standard features you have to pay for: -- The main problem is that you have to pay per user, and there's no open-source project pricing. So if you want to use those features, you cannot add many contributors on your self-hosted open-source-focused instance.


At least it's easy to create org-wide issue labels, as opposed to GitHub.


And then Microsoft was all like


If we want to move our free software from GitHub to self-hosted GitLab instances, we're going to need federated merge requests, and ideally also reviews, comments, etc.. This is possible with ActivityPub now. If you want this to happen, you could upvote


Always remember that a normal VC exit time is only 7-10 years. Then it's either IPO, or selling the company and its users.


The average American worker takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant:


In plain English: it means we can do away with blockchains for many use cases previously thought impossible to solve in a fully permissionless and decentralized way without them.


Maidsafe researchers claim to have solved asynchronous, decentralized, Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus. Significant implications if the math checks out:

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