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Beware of baboons and golfers. The Cape peninsula in a nutshell?


Couldnt resist my daily visitor's cuteness, so I gifted it a giant ball of fructose.


Huh, I had totally missed that Wire pivoted from personal messaging to business team chat platform:


The hiking trail up to Lions Head is not only wildly popular, but it also ends in straight-up climbing and ladders and all. But then you arrive, and people are having picnics and parties. Fun experience.


The timing of this concerted anti-Facebook campaign is rather interesting. FB recently changed the timeline algos to contain much more actual social content from friends and family, and I see hardly any propagandistic political links anymore. Twitter otoh is worse than ever.


If you tried to switch to Mastodon in the past, but found yourself lost in the fediverse, here's a great writeup for you:


Best timing ever: They literally finished up paving this entire coastal road today, and I also ran into a dude from Vienna within the first 200m, so we spontaneously teamed up for a perfect easy ride.


GitHub wants you to: "Write to EU policymakers [...] and ask them to exclude “software repositories” from Article 13."

How about protesting all upload filters, period? You don't care about freedom and privacy, you only care about your bottom line here.


Would anyone find it terribly weird for remoteStorage to allow "If-None-Match" headers on PUTs, and returning 304 Not Modified in case the document already exists with that ETag? HTTP specs only mention it for GET and HEAD requests.


Had some fun watching the UCI mountain bike xco world cup yesterday, as it was happening around the corner.


The morning workout route in Stellenbosch. #cycling


Can never have enough stickers on the laptop, so I got me some #lightningnetwork ones.


Here's an easy and completely free way to make your (un)conference more inclusive, as well as better for the environment: have people pay for their t-shirts. If you want *great* shirts that people will actually wear, you can then also charge the proper price for those.



Just realized that the UCI mountain bike (xco) world cup is happening around me in Stellenbosch this weekend. Already saw a national champ wizz past the coffee shop, and a BMC team van just pulled out of a parking lot on the other side.


Fun fact: btcd mainnet + btcd testnet + lnd testnet + ltcd mainnet + bitcoind mainnet = 419 GB current disk usage.


Vodafone and Nokia are going to set up a mini 4G network on the moon next year, to facilitate communication between autonomous vehicles. And if things work out, we'll get an HD video live stream from the moon:


Good news for pair programming: GitHub now supports adding co-authors to Git commits. 👏


The spider app on my main phone is getting a bit out of hand. However, I can't seem to find a decent new phone that's explicitly supported by LineageOS. Any tips?


Sunset ride to Llandudno Bay was great for the views and shite for the traffic.