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Pierogi and pivo time!


Preparing the bike for a little Tour de Silésie over the next 5 days. Finally went full touring mode and got some TT bars as well as a frame bag.


There are more slaves today than ever before in human history. And ~600M people are vulnerable to becoming slaves. Ashes Ashes offers an intro to this situation in their latest podcast episode:


If you ever want to get out of Berlin for some quiet work time in nature, I can highly recommend CoCoNat. Having crowdfunded it years ago, I just came here for the first time yesterday, and it's already on the list for our next company retreat.


If anyone in Berlin is interested in cycling the entire Berliner Mauerweg (~150km) this Sunday, you're welcome to join us! Easy pace. Heading out from Brewdog at 8am:


"Remotely hacking ships shouldn't be this easy, and yet ..."


Interesting thoughts about Slack (or any group chat for that matter) as a group mind, comparing it to brain functions, and explaining how it's more like a herd mind than a hive mind:


NASA just announced dates and astronauts for the first-ever commercial crew flights to the ISS. Boeing a bit vague, SpaceX a bit less so: SpaceX Demo-1 (uncrewed): November 2018; SpaceX Demo-2 (crewed): April 2019


Bad news for all CI companies out there: Google and GitHub just partnered up for fully integrated and automated CI, and they'll shove it in everyone's face soon: "Smart CI recommendations will be rolled out to all GitHub users on a phased basis."


Mars Express found liquid water on Mars, hidden under the South Pole ice cap:


The location for Hacker Beach #7 has been decided today. Join us on an island in the Philippines next January:


'Calling this new Gmail mode “confidential” is misleading. There is nothing confidential about unencrypted email in general and about Gmail’s new “Confidential Mode” in particular':


Rode down to Schönefeld Airport on Mauerweg for the first time today, passing the unused new BER runways as well. Lots of small, brand-new, empty roads through the country down there. And Mauerweg is all new and buttery smooth as well. Definitely a great way to get out of the city quickly and with only a couple of traffic lights.


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