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Grand Départ tip: Graf-Adolf-Platz (South side of the track) has good coffee, steak sandwiches, Belgian beer, and a live coverage screen.


Looks like Grand Départ, alright. No bikes left to rent in all of DUS:


Finally checked out all the built-in Huginn agents, and it completely blew my mind. Infinite possibilities!


Anyone I know visiting the Tour de France start in DUS this weekend? I'll be in town Friday night to Sunday afternoon...


A church on Capitol Hill in Seattle, flying rainbow colors for pride month #latergram


Shitty wifi and $12 beers aside, the new video installations at LAX are actually fantastic.


Shoutout to The Big Legrowlski for going 110% on the Lebowski theme.


Epic view of Mount St. Helens sticking out of the clouds today


When people around you try to do XSS on the karaoke web app in the booth, it's probably an after party of a geek event.


Working on syncing Strava rides to one's website at the summit hack day. Just set up Huginn, so I can sync anything eventually.


Wow, httparty seriously still prints that stupid message on every install? That stopped being funny in like 2010.



Finally changed the background and colors on my personal site, and added a link to my Fediverse account. Airy blue ok?