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"Have a popular Android app? Let's make you some money by letting your users mine Monero without their knowledge!"


Uhm, GitHub just started signing merge commits created from the Web UI?!


So, Flattr now basically does what Brave/BAT does, but without the privacy and with much higher fees. Did I miss something?


Leak: Three EU countries join forces for restrictions & copyright chaos:


The WaPo, who literally invented the fake-news craze in an article that is provably fake news itself, is now an official fact-checking partner of Google:


Saudis planned and funded 2013 attack on Damaskus, incl. on the civilian airport, warning US 3 days before:


... so we can't use the same entry point, or can we?


... background is: we have a UMD build, but need to add an additional dep and require for xmlhttprequest to what node.js clients would use.


Need help from JavaScript module authors: is the "browser" field in npm's package.json widely supported as entry point for browser builds?


"Instead of Twitter’s one-size-fits-all approach, we can tailor social media to fit the needs of every community":


If you're using multiple accounts with web apps, check out Multi-Account Containers for FF (pulled out of Nightly):


Opinions on Iberia vs. Finnair? Looks like those are the only reasonable options for status-matching topbonus gold.


Microsoft fully commits to MDN as canonical Web API docs, redirects tons of articles, has made 5000+ edits already:


Welcome to the container wars: Red Hat announces Kubernetes without Docker, directly after Docker announces native Kubernetes support.


"General Motors’ SURUS is a universal truck platform that has autonomous capabilities and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells."


Just leaving this here. Do with it what you want.


"Brilliant", because nobody ever tried this before, and the future of the energy market is not decentralization: