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The location for Hacker Beach #7 has been decided today. Join us on an island in the Philippines next January:


Should've started daily open-source updates two weeks ago, but wth.

Today I worked on a little learning bot that my mates @bumi, @slvrbckt and I have been using on and off to learn some Spanish in the past. I added subscription management for courses, as well as the first Wolof phrases.


Current language status: have been refreshing my French quite well, and learning some Wolof every day. When in Sénégal...


OH: "Tigo wish you a very jolly journey!"


Hanging out at in Potsdam today. Ping me if you want to chat about RemoteStorage, offline-first web apps, or @hackerbeach.


If you can stand my fast mumbling for ~5 minutes, I'm introducing @hackerbeach in this passion talk at Offline Camp:


Our official announcement for Hacker Beach #5 is up on the blog. Join us in Indonesia in January!


In case you're in the mood for some nice weather, good food, and chill workplaces: a few @hackerbeach folks are gathering in CNX in Nov/Dec.


Dear @offlinecamp people: if you're interested in tropical beaches and improving your apps' behaviour on bad networks, follow @hackerbeach!


Open in Chrome or Safari → add to home screen → look/zoom around → close app → airplane mode → open app → voilà.


During the "offline maps" session at @offlinecamp, I activated AppCache for our 4-year-old @hackerbeach map on @5apps Deploy: works offline.


It's not easy to leave a place, when this has been your office for 6 weeks:


That point in life, when your daily schedule is influenced by the surf report.


Folks at learned some surf lingo last night, so this is our IRC chan now:


is in full swing, with 8 hackers in Canoa already and many more arriving soon. Book a flight and join us for some hack&surf! :)


In case you missed it last night, Hacker Beach 2016 is on!


Hope to see you at Chaos Camp in August. @5apps, @hackerbeach, @KosmosHQ et al will all be at the Oblivion Bar. Drop by and say hi!


@hackerbeach Let's do it!

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