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Finally almost on the road again. Tomorrow's next leg of my Germanland cycling tour:


Anyone I know visiting the Tour de France start in DUS this weekend? I'll be in town Friday night to Sunday afternoon...


The city of Cologne is counting cyclists in various hotspots, and publishing the live data:


Had a great time cycling to OpenTechSummit and back with yesterday. Realized I should do way more social rides.

Anyone else in Berlin into cycling (fast-ish), and interested in a group ride this weekend or sometime next week?


Took the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for a spin, and I'm pretty impressed. The turn-by-turn navigation and Strava route sync are fantastic.


Found a legit cycling café in Kuala Lumpur: The Grumpy Cyclist in KDDI. Delicious coffee roasts, and they even integrated a bicycle repair shop.


If you're interested in joining me on a 4-stage, fully serviced amateur cycling tour from Munich to Venice next September, please ping me!


Cold as f*** for cycling, but when the rain finally stops for a day, it sure is beautiful out there.


Visited the Tour of Britain's stage 7 in Bristol today and had a good bit of fun. Didn't even know there's such a thing as circuit races in road cycling, but it's certainly great for watching.

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