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Caught the passing through the neighborhood in BogotΓ‘ today.

The INEOS train was pulling Egan before the last climb there, but EF's Daniel Martinez won the stage in the end, and his teammate Sergio Higuita won the tour.


Satoshis (the smallest unit of ) just entered the Oxford English Dictionary:


The channel I opened from one of my nodes to General Bytes, who provide the POS terminals at , is already completely spent on my side. Forwarded ~80 payments for other visitors. Time to test some re-balancing plugins.


Pro tip for visitors: you can open a channel directly to the point-of-sale system's node. The ATMs offer an "open channel" button, where you can find the node address.


Pretty neat: WebAuthn now works nicely with a Yubikey in Firefox, on both on my Linux desktop as well as Android device (via NFC). Also works well with fingerprint on Android.


Great news for people stuck on macOS, in need of a good feed reader: the rewrite of NetNewsWire (now FOSS) is almost done, and a beta is available today.


Are we OMEMO yet?


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