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The inevitable happened: Intel confirms critical security issues with Intel ME:

"This includes scenarios where a successful attacker could: ... Load and execute arbitrary code outside the visibility of the user and operating system."

And of course it affects "6th, 7th & 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family", meaning pretty much all our desktop/laptop CPUs.


PSA: The last batch of 34C3 tickets goes on sale at 11:00 CET today (in ~30 minutes)!


Our little Mastodon instance is now federating with more than 1000 other instances/servers. It is literally a thousand different Twitters all talking to each other. Long live the fediverse!


Similar to Apple and Google, GitHub also cannibalize their own marketplace apps by re-implementing the popular ones as official features:

Next up might be a CI solution, because GitLab pipelines are actually pretty awesome.


PSA for my Berlin friends: if you see someone sleeping on the street in winter, please call the Kältebus at
0178-5235838 (running 7pm to 3am). They might actually freeze to death otherwise.


Fun facts from Germany: 1) Up to 90% of all rides are not done for transporting something you couldn't take with you otherwise. 2) You're legally required to build one or more parking lots per apartment you construct, or pay a fine (Reichs-Garagenordnung, introduced 1939).


My most interesting thought today developed from someone rightly arguing that most of the modern world is optimized for cars, not people, while cars are actually seriously hurting us. And the whole situation arose from heavy government funding and planning. Notice something?


Today's Firefox Quantum release really does feel like a whole new browser. The speed is incredible and now easily on par with Chrome again, and that's merely the new baseline before all the upcoming improvements that are possible with Rust/Servo now.


If you want to use your crypto currency as cash today, the answer is Litecoin, not BCH. 2.5-minute block times instead of 10 minutes! Cheap, stable, tried and true. No con artists running it. If it's good enough for being used at HCPP, it's good enough for you.


... turns out it's a joke, albeit a rather stupid and unfortunate one.


In where Bitcoin Cash, a supposedly "fully decentralized" blockchain, has someone calling themselves the CEO. 🤔


I really like all the good things being done for app development in GNOME Builder, and how they're trying to make it as easy as possible for new contributors. Check out the new beginner experience for example:


Twitter destroyed brevity, and in fact the "character limit", when they introduced inline images and videos. Oftentimes my timeline view doesn't even fit 3 tweets in a full-size browser window on a 1080p screen.


Andrew Tanenbaum, on Intel running MINIX in all our CPUs: "Putting a possible spy in every computer is a terrible development."


Understand the maths of diversity by playing little simulation games:


Flattr just told me to read a blog post from June, about how they protect your privacy, but they can't explain how:


Things you don't learn in school:


In light of the French butter shortage, let me tell you: the Kerrygold salted version is actually pretty great.


"I have invented Suicide Linux. Any time you type any remotely incorrect command, the interpreter creatively resolves it into rm -rf / and wipes your hard drive."